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Fairtex History

Forged from Muay Thai Mr. Philip Wong - Founder of Fairtex

Fairtex has been delivering punches, kicks, knees, elbows and sweeps since 1971.

Fairtex was founded by Philip Wong, who practiced Muay Thai as a hobby. Fairtex became the #1 brand in Thailand and Mr. Wong wanted to give back to the Thailand community. This was realized when a Fairtex Muay Thai camp in rural Bangplee, 25km outside of Bangkok, was built. Fairtex was able to help young Thai men stay off the streets, stay off drugs and build a life through Muay Thai. Many of the innovations found in Fairtex's products are a result of testing products for decades in the Bangplee camp.

Creating World Champions

As the Fairtex camp began producing champion fighters, Mr. Wong became a Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Promoter. Many people do not know that Mr. Wong helped bring international fighters to Lumpinee. Such fighters included Don the Dragon Wilson, Ramon Decker, Ivan Hippolyte, and Jongsanan "The Wooden man" Fairtex.

Bringing Muay Thai to the World

Fairtex Bangplee Muay Thai Camp was one of the first camps in Thailand to allow foreigners and women to train Muay Thai. Mr. Wong was not satisfied with only having Muay Thai in Thailand, he wanted to bring Muay Thai to the USA. Mr. Wong established Muay Thai camps in Arizona and California in the 1990's. Today Fairtex products can be found throughout the world and are regarded as the best products on the market.

Commitment to Quality

All of Fairtex products are meticulously engineered and crafted. Fairtex engineers work with fighters to produce the best Muay Thai products in the world. Thailand is the harshest environments on Muay Thai products. Most Thai fighters in Thailand train outside in very humid and hot weather up to 2 times a day. Training sessions are usually over 2 hours long with products being drenched in sweat, blood and tears. You can rest assure that Fairtex products will protect you and your training partners.

Today people from all over the world come to the Fairtex Camps in Thailand. We invite you to come train with us.

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